A Win for Plattsmouth

Congratulations to the people of Plattsmouth, who voted to recall school board member, Terri Cunningham-Swanson, for her extremist views. Terri came to office with views driven by conspiracy theories and stances contradicted by not only reality, but hypocrisy. She conned plenty of people into believing her “cause” but not enough.

With a vote of 1,649 to 1,000, the residents of Plattsmouth made their voices heard loud and clear!

Terri conceded gracefully on her support page, but then followed-up with this post to one of her favorite conspiracy theory groups:

TCS thinks progressive agenda took her down

Ma’am, we don’t know how to tell you this, so we’ll be blunt: seek help. You can be better than this.

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Nicolette "Nico" L. Emerson is an observer of politics in small town Nebraska, especially as it pertains to education, school boards, and adults who want to decide the direction of the next generation.