Nicolette “Nico” L. Emerson is our wordsmith. She is an observer of politics in small town Nebraska, especially as it pertains to education, school boards, and adults who want to decide the direction of the next generation. She comes from a journalistic family and launched Nebraska Meadowlark after seeing an alarming uptick in conspiracy theorists getting elected throughout the state.

Jade Buttercup is our researcher and fact-checker. When it comes to analysis, her areas of expertise are the intersection of religion and science, especially when it comes to nature vs. the Bible.

Serendipty Veritas is our researcher and copy editor. She has a passion for uncovering the truths others would rather keep hidden.

Emmet Licht is our researcher, with a special focus on investigating hypocrisy in religion and politics.

Nebraska Meadowlark is independent, not bought and paid for, and we call it like we see it. We are focused on publishing long-form, multi-part content and prefer the moniker “guerrilla journalists” for the people reporting here.

Though we are not taking contributions yet (we recommend Seeing Red Nebraska if you would like to guest post), we welcome tips and leads on matters pertaining to Nebraska schools, boards of education, book banning, and relevant topics that you would like investigated. Please email us at NicoLE@nebraskameadowlark.com.


Where are you based? Eastern Nebraska, outside of Lincoln – not Plattsmouth, as some folks reckon. The story on Terri Cunningham-Swanson was simply the perfect jumping off point for what we hope to do, which is expose hate groups, hypocrites, and elected officials – or wannabe elected officials – whose only interest is in controlling your life.

Are you left-leaning/progressive? Nope. We are no-bullshit leaning and no one is safe.