Cass County Sheriff Gaslights Voters

Residents of Alvo have enough problemsĀ on their hands with power-hungry Oathkeeper, Larry Langer, on their board – despite not living in the village – threatening them and making them feel unsafe in their own homes. Yet when he decided to loiter at the primary on Tuesday, May 14 and concerned citizens reported him to law enforcement, the response from Cass County Sheriff Robert Sorenson was next level misdirection.

Cass County Sheriff Gaslights Voters

After gaslighting the concerned residents by twisting reports to spin his own narrative, Sheriff Sorenson added insult to injury with a dog whistle at the end. Nobody is surprised by this move, as Sorenson is a regular attendee at the alt-right Cass County GOP meetings.

We highly recommend getting to know the whole story in Alvo via It’s a wild ride.

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Nicolette "Nico" L. Emerson is an observer of politics in small town Nebraska, especially as it pertains to education, school boards, and adults who want to decide the direction of the next generation.

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